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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Oct 2009

Location: Rapallo, Italy

MapThis morning we left Rosia and drove north-west, through the Tuscan countryside again, toward the Italian Riviera. On the way, we stopped for a short visit in the city of Pisa, parked by the river Arno and walked to the Piazza Duomo where we saw the famous leaning tower, the cathedral and baptistery, all inside a walled square of the old town. These buildings all have some parts of their exterior finished with grey and white marble stripes. We also stopped to see another small, ornately decorated church on the river bank, again with grey and white marble accents. We drove on to our hotel in Rapallo, south of Genoa, passing through many tunnels through the hilly area along the coast. Our hotel is close to the old town centre, the river and the marina. We went for a walk along the promenade admiring the beautiful views out to the headlands adjacent to the town, which look quite like the Amalfi region, and stopped in an outdoor café for drinks in the warm weather. Later we went walking again, this time through some of the narrow shopping streets close to the church and found a nice restaurant along the promenade for dinner.