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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Oct 2009

Location: Rapallo, Italy

MapThis morning we walked along the coast about 2 km to the next village of San Michele di Pagana. Along the way we saw some very elegant homes and estates, hotels and apartment buildings with fantastic views over the sea and the mountains across the inlet. We walked back to Rapallo to explore the town and the waterfront admiring many nice buildings, some with painted details giving a three-dimensional appearance to their decoration. It warmed up to the mid 20’s C in the sunshine and we had lunch on the roof terrace of our hotel which provided a great view out to the promenade and marina. In the afternoon we took the bus to the small fishing village of Portofino close to the end of the peninsula and about 7 km of narrow winding road from Rapallo. Portofino is now a destination for the super-rich who arrive by luxury yacht. The quaint harbour front buildings are converted to high-end and exclusive shops and restaurants but we opted not to have the coffee at €5.50 a cup! We walked a narrow pathway along a headland past the Castello Brown to the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula, admiring some fantastic views of the harbour and the sea. On our way back, we stopped in the town of Santa Margherita about 4 km from Rapallo. We walked along the promenade and past the harbour where many people were waiting for the fishing boats to return with their catch. We walked up many steps to visit San Giacomo di Corte, a baroque church decorated inside with coloured marble and gold leaf trim and with many paintings on the walls and ceiling. We returned to Rapallo on a later bus and had dinner in another restaurant along the promenade.