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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009

Location: Rapallo, Italy

MapToday we took the train to Genoa, about 30 km from Rapallo. We walked from the central station to Piazza de Ferrari near the old city past many elegant buildings, palaces and churches. Most notable were the Christopher Columbus monument, Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) which is now a museum, the university building and the palaces (stately homes) from the 16th century along Via Garibaldi, now used as museums, bank offices, art galleries and private apartments. More palaces line the streets close to Piazza de Ferrari which also has an unusual fountain. Nearby we saw Piazza Matteotti with Palazzo Ducale which is used as government offices and for cultural events. There was a science fair there today with hundreds of students in front of the building. Along Via San Lorenzo we saw the cathedral of San Lorenzo, a gothic church with a black and white striped exterior. We continued on to the old harbour area where we had lunch watching the harbour activity. Then we walked along other areas of the harbour viewing the array of large and small boats, luxury yachts and a large galleon with extensive wood and metal decoration. Next we walked to Palazzo del Principe, now a museum, with a lovely garden and a Neptune fountain. Across the main roadway we stopped to take some photos of the Stazione Marittima building. We walked back through the narrow streets of the old city, out through the Porta Soprana gate and past the house where Christopher Columbus lived into the newer part of the city. On our way to the Genoa Brignole train station we walked through part of the main shopping and commercial area with many 19th and 20th century buildings but it was too dark to appreciate them. We took the train back to Rapallo and had dinner in another of the many restaurants along the promenade.