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Maurice Greer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 Oct 2009

Location: Nice, France

MapThis morning we left Italy headed for Nice, France; our last destination in mainland Europe for this trip. We took the most direct route between Turin and Menton, which took us through the Alps along steep switchbacks up and down again with great views of the lovely fall colours. We crossed the border between Italy and France in a narrow tunnel barely wide enough for two vehicles. Menton is a lovely town, quite close to the Italian border and about 35 km from Nice by road. After parking close to the busy town centre, we walked along the promenade and the main shopping streets close by. Menton looks quite like a smaller version of Nice, with a stony beach and steep mountains behind the town. The weather today was very cloudy but warm at 18 C and there were lots of people, especially children, in Halloween costumes going from shop to shop in the town. On our walk, we climbed some steps to see two churches whose spires were visible from the promenade. One of these had its interior draped in a dark pink silk fabric with gold brocade trim, quite unusual. There were nice views over the town and the beach from some steps adjacent to the churches. After dark, we drove on to our hotel in Nice and had dinner in the hotel restaurant.