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CC & Daryl's Travels’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2009

Location: Greenland, New Hampshire, USA

MapThe first diary entry!!! It's crazy to think that a few months ago a trip to Thailand was just a fun idea that we tossed around with no clue that it would soon be a reality.

But, in less than one day it will truly be a reality as we will travel to Thailand for two months. With our departure time (8:18 AM, 7/15) rapidly approaching, in true form, we still have to handle a few last minute details.... like packing. As you all can see, we should be packing this very minute, but instead we chose to update our travel blog haha.

We leave tomorrow morning with a few stops before we reach Thailand. We'll fly from Boston to Chicago, Chicago to Tokyo, and finally Tokyo to Bangkok. Our estimated time of travel, including layovers, will be 27 hours and 32 minutes. Our longest flight will be the 13 hours it will take to get from Chicago to Tokyo.

We'll be posting blogs, pictures, and videos of our experiences in Thailand throughout our trip!!! We'd love for you to post messages on our blog and we'll try to respond as often as possible.

Dit dor mah na!!!! (Keep in touch!!!!)