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CC & Daryl's Travels’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Sep 2009

Location: USA

MapWe are finally back to the states and over our jet lag!!! We had an incredible two months in Thailand and would both love to go back again!! Thank you so much for checking out our page and sending us messages! Checking our planet ranger page for messages was one of our favorite things to do! We cannot wait to show everyone more pictures in person, share our endless stories from Thailand.

We've been back for a week and a half now and we are starting to get back into the swing of the real life. We visited friends and teammates at Holy Cross for a weekend, visited the JFK Museum in Boston, and practiced our Thai cooking skills for CC's family in Portsmouth. Now, Daryl is on his way back home to Atlanta and CC will start working on Monday.

Thank you again for checking out our website so often! We cannot wait to fill everyone in on more stories!

Daryl & CC