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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Mar 2005

Location: UK

MapWell have i had a interesting time or what!! im staying at the generator (russel square) and its definatly different i have found a caffe called bread and butter and they have the net for £1 whish is the cheepest that ive found around and the place is clean with lovely smells as the food is cooked, im getting better sleep after the intimate noises that sometimes seem to come from the bunmk on the other side of the room, i feel really sorry for the guy who is in the top bunk and has all the other associated bits, well enough of that, when i arrived i was stressing and since then i have met some great prople and got very drunk, and i have found that there is nothing better for stress than to get drunk bacause in the morning you feel so bad that you cant be botheres with the stress, Ive been going on long walks in the cold and have really enjoyed them as by lunch im feeling pretty gooe and am in a completly new place.