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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Mar 2005

Location: london, UK

Mapwow i cant believe im here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this place is just wow the lights the buildings the everything
Paul (my kiwi saviour) collected me from the airport as escorted me through to the hostel (where he booked us 1 weeks accomodation, today we went on the london eye the view was great thanks to the great weather (very cold but clear) the snow that was falling when i arrived has not stayed and its a tropical -1 in picadilly circus, then we headed back to the bar and we actually sang karaoke(crowded house) its not really my thing but im feeling home sick.
Paul meets AJ a kiwi with the same birthday!! i mean same day month and year and they even have simmilar tatoo's