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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Mar 2005

Location: UK

MapWell today has been full of rest and relaxation as i think i have a job so the threat of running out of ££ has receeded a bit, this place is expencive when you take the exchange rate into account but if you have ££ it's not so bad, the weather is fantastic with my sunglasses becoming essential, there are so many people still in jackets over here ??? and im sweating like a pig in a t-shirt ( is different from NZ) but appart from only bringing warm clothes its great, the flowers are blooming in the gardens and there is even the possibility of getting a slight tan.

I saw the new bill murry movie last night where e is an under water adventurer and am still trying to figure out if i like it, It was very very random but in a cool kind of way

well off to sunbathe and take more lovely pictures
catch you later

kiwi kerry