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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Mar 2005

Location: UK

MapWell today was interesting!! ive managed to hawl myself out of bed at the tender time of 11 am and done some serious reading(FHM) then checked my mail (woo hoo i got some) then off for a trip to see how long it will take to get to work (1.5 hrs) but then i relised that the gumtree has this great part where people can room share so instead of looking at 100-200 pounds i might get something as small as 50-60 which is still alaot if i convert but much better on the wallet, then i traveled down the line to see how long i should leave for the trip to work as i need to get there by 8:30 am, and after that i did something that im doing alot of here and that is wandering. i just kept going past work and found myself on a random corner looking lost (my map is too small) but then i bumped into a stranger(they all are) and ended up walking in the direction of home for about 1.5 hours and now i have a new friend (grainne) so thats a very productive day indeed

well off to ring people re living with them but i just thought that id say that the english etc... are not that bad if you meet the right ones,

ps: everyone askes about the sheep?????