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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Apr 2005

Location: dollis hill, UK

MapWell hello there people in the great world,

sorry that ive been away for so long but with starting a new job (installing alarms) and being really really sick (sleeping 10-14 hours a day) i have felt unable to get to this here e-mail cafe bu7t im here now so will fill in some gaps,

Im living in a place called Dollis hill and its in LONDON !!!! woooooo hoooo, and im sharing a room with Liz a kiwi we have Clair in the lounge (kiwi) and Phil and Rochell in one room (auzzie) and leo (kiwi) in his room, we are in an upstairs flat and everyone seems to get on well.
This is my second week at work and things are going ok, ive just got a car to drive round in to get used to the place and hope to get a phone soon too, in the last half day ive driven 60 miles so have been taking full advantage of the place.

The first week at work i got really sick and so am still recovering, last night i tried to eat ice cream to se4e if that helped but to my horror it was really crap, so i think im going to have to try the expencive stuff as they dont know what they are doing by the taste of last night, i have found the local supermarkets and bought some clothes today, so am felling good about that

Im still finding this place expencive but after getting a little bit of pay am feeling better about this place, today is one of the best days yet with the weather being very changeable.

Ass always im runnijng out of time so i have to go but ill be getting a comp after i get paid so will be giving regular updates and finally be getting some pictures on this thing.

well love to everyone back in NZ and im thinking of you

PS: the M25 is scary (just letting you know)

:):) kiwi kerry