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kiwikerry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Apr 2005

Location: UK

MapWell after driving round yesterday and discovering that places close around 5 on a sunday i have completer my first full day of work with the option of driving, woo hooo its so much fun.

there are soo many things to learn that i think they should give travelers a small sheet with the differences from youre home country, for example one of the give way rules are reverced which ment that i have hade some lovely looks and a few colourful words mouthed, but you get that,

all in all i think that i could get used to the place but every day im glad to be from NZ and will be happy to go back (whenever that may be)

well not much else to say as am still getting over the flu but every day that passes im getting closer to getting a computer which means pictures for you my fine feathered friends,

well catch you later and all that stuff,

be good all and if you cant be good.... tell me as i love goss