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Sally’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009

Location: Ungarie, Australia

MapWell Hi all,
I thought I'd kick of the diary thing a little bit early and then email everyone I know and let them know that I'm diarising my travels right here.

It's been an interesting lead up to our trip and for those that know the story: Nat's dad has some homeopathic medications that the Doctors here couldn't beat and that has helped him out. Amelia had the tumour removed last week and with minimal complications and now we are just waiting on hearing the results of the bioposy.

Ok I'm five days away from leaving the country and feel a little nervous and apprehensive about the whole trip. But i guess it's the nervous energy that sometimes drives us toward greater things.

We firstly fly into Dublin to spend approximately ten days with a friend of Nat's who lives in Ireland and will check out Ireland withour own private tour guide which will be nice. We also have to apply for our Russian Visa's over there as we ran out of time in Australia.

That's about all,
Looking forward to being in Dublin when I next type in the Diary,