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Sally’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Jul 2009

Location: Abu Dahbu, United Arab Emirates

MapHi all,
Well we've made it throught the first leg of our journey and I've discovred that I don't really like planes all that much.

This is a strange airport where the heat hit me like a hot oven being oepned and i was glad that we were headed for cooler pastures.

I've allready felt totally out of place in my t-shirt and was confronted by the amount of men working at this ariport. This is a trully different country and one in which I'm definately not sure how operate in. I had to push my way onto the escalator 'none of the ladies before men' customs that i have grown accustomd to in Ungarie.

Time to go, flights to catch and walking to be done, I'm still a little stiff.

Love to all