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Sally’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Jul 2009

Location: Doollin, Ireland

MapG'day all
I've been trying to update this for a couple of days now and will fill you all in with a little more details later on this week.
So far I'm fine and having a great time. We have been travelling around Ireland for the last couple of days and it is an utterly different country from Australia. So green! We have seen a number of castles and they simply remind me of how old this country really is. Today we went to the cliffs of Mohair and the Doollin Port, it is the rocks and sea of the west coast of Ireland.

The Irish people are friendly and have been happy to talk to a traveller, last night we spent the night at (guess) a pub this place was fantastic, almost like a medival castle inside, but it was packed and warm good food and of course good wine! Although the house wine was no other than Lindemans. A trio were playing some traditional Irish music which was great. No drum, just the accordian, flute and banjo. It wasa a great night. Today we are heading across the country to the east coast and then up to Dublin tomorrow where we can hopefully finalise our visa's for Russia.

Love to all