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Sally’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009

Location: American Folk Museum - Omagh, Ireland

MapWe'll today I'm in North Ireland. and we went to the American Folk Museum. This is an outdoor (yeah it rained) museum of Orish history, through the exact and replica's of Irish housing and lifestyles. This leads through a variety of time through to when the Irish immigrated to the America's and the housing of the Irish after settling in Pennslyvannia, USA. It was amazing to see, touch etc. the accomodation and lifestyles of the Irish and how their lives progressed through wealth and depression.

Today we also went to Leslie Castle. This wasn't what I'd expected in a castle. It wasn't disney land that's for sure. The main house was kinda like a big Manor, not a long building with turrets and a moat. However it was rather grand and amazing to consider taht this building itself is older than Australia's settlement.

Today I got to drive in Ireland which was cool. They drive on the same side of the raod as us. so not too scary. I'm impressed by this counrty and am looking forward to seeing the west coast.

Love to all