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Sally’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009

Location: Doollan, Ireland

MapToday we drove from the big old farm house near Latton, County Monaghan to well lots of places really. This farm house was our tour guide Kiara's aunty's house who had generously loaned it to us for a couple of nights. The place is simple wonderful and old, with its own chiming clock. The country side here seems sgreen everywhere. With the housing made mostly of stone and haveing bricks in the corners of the building and around the windows. Lots of the new houses are painted and look a little fake, but that's just my opinion!

However as we drive across the country to the west coast of Ireland the houses are predominately famr houses with rather traditional building styles of stone work and white washed windows, timber doors and window frames (yes Sall's favourite). I do like this look a little more than some of the more modern builds and have many times thought ah it'd be nice to buy one of these and do it up.

So today we drove to across the country to Bunratty Castle. It cost a little more than we were expecting so we went to ...
yep you guessed it a winery, here we taste traditional Mead, which is very sweet and honey flavoured. I didn't really like it at all. Next we had a try of Portcheen (moonshine) this is a traditional Irish spirit that is extra strong and made from rotten potatoes. Yeah, I'm not sure I liked that either.

Went also to the Burrens and the Cliffs of Mohair. and to Doollan.
Photo's will explain all especially how different this country really is.

Love to all