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Sally’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009

Location: from London to Amsterdam, UK

MapArrived in London last night and that was a little scary as we didn't have any accomodation organised, had to navigate the train and underground all betwen 9-11pm. Aaah!!

But we got there and stayed at the Umi hotel which was where we were picked up for the tour. This is a quick whirlwind tour of Europe so we drove to Dover to get on the ferry and cross the ENglish Channel to France. Dover has some amazing white cliffs, made out fo calcium and Flint. the calcium is so very white.
Basically we spent the day travelling and guess what here in Europe you have to pay to use the toilets! Between 20 - 50 cents! Yeah me being the stinge am trying to get away with minimal payments as I can.

Arrived in Amsterdamm and went straight to my favoutirte food in the world. Cheese factory, they also made clogs there. Bought some special danish cheese and unfortunately had to eat it whilst on tour as it doesn´t export back to Australia very well. But it tasted great in my tummy!!
Aparantely i was supposed to end up with some form of food poisining but yeah risked it anyway.

Amsterdamm at night was amazing with all the canals and water system. it´s all lit up and we took a cruise down the canals. very relaxing and peaceful.

I like Amsterdamm although it was a little confusing to navigate.