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Sally’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Aug 2009

Location: Madrid, Spain

MapHi all
Today I´m in Madrid after being to the La Tomatina festival in Valencia.
Valencia is a beautiful city in which I would have liked to spend a little more time in. It has a wonderful history and the La tomatina festival was amazing!!
It was truly wild!!!!! 30,000 people in a street approximately 7metres wide and maybe 100 metres long, you just get packed in and then 5 large trucks full of tomatoes get brought in with people in the containers allready throwing them at you. It was truly awesome!!! I´ll attempt to show you some of the photo´s!

Travelled on the train from Valencia to Madrid this took 6 hours as we took the country train to save some money.
But last night we went to a flamenco show. It´s a pretty special sight and one in which I´m glad I didn´t miss.
Today we are hoping to do a couple of tours and then a night time tour of the fountains and lights aparantely it´s awesome.

Hopefully I should have some good photo´s but getting time and internet access is a little difficult at times.
I´ll try update some of the missing dates today.
Love to all