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Sally’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Aug 2009

Location: Helsinki, Finland

MapHi all,
Well here I am in Helsinki, which is a beautiful city of parks and clean streets and quiet. I love it!! Although it is rather cold here around 17 degrees we had today which I heard you guys had in Sydney also. But hey I'm in Helsinki. Today we went to the zoo. Had to take the ferry there and back as it is on an island which reminded me of going to the Taronga zoo when I was a little girl. My favourite animals there were the Lion family, two cubs, a mother and papa lion also they were adorable and rather huge!

Helsinki is a city that has reminded me of Switzerlandd in many ways. It has military neutrality, which means no allies with anyone excelp Finland. and seems rather peaceful and calm, it also has lots of Russian influenced buildings and architecture, which is fantastic, sinc e we weren't able to get into Russia (Due to our visa issues).

Tommorrow we head to the Semolina Fortress which has a rather long history, so I'll hopefully explain later.
Can'tt put any photo's onto the site at the moment as we don't have usb access but will try asap.
Love to all