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Sally’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Sep 2009

Location: Tallin, Estonia

MapHi all,
Well here I am in Tallin. It is our first day of rain since Ireland and we are joining the Tucan tour today. I'm a bit nervous as the tour group have allready been to Russia together and we are the new kids on the block.
Yesterday we arrived in Tallin which is a quaint little capital city with a historical old town in the middle. It has all the cobbled streets and little shops. I'm having breakfast and listening to the people here speaking Russian, it's such a different sounding language to Spanish or German, (two languages that I really heard a lot of).

Not really sure what to do when it rains... So yeah!
If the year twelve girls are reading this... I'm thinking of you lots and hoping that all is going well. Hang in there and keep studying and revising those quotes.

Love to all,