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Sally’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Sep 2009

Location: Tallin, Estonia

MapG´day all!
Rigth now I´m in Estonia, itś a very cool place with a wonderful community atmosphere. Last night we met up with our tour group for the rest of our trip. Unfortunately they have already made quite good and tight friendships with each other and were exteremly rude to both Nat and I. To the point in which I had to speak to the Australian guy and let him know that if he wanted I would discuss his issues outside on the street with him. I think he decided to pull his head in a little! Very interesting, however Nat and I met some British lads who are a blast and we have endevoured to spend as much time getting to know people who come our way and just have a great time no matter what our tour group would like to do.
Today we spent the day checking out the New world community communeś festival. They had music and street soccer, street massage, music, poetry slams, artist exhibitions, fire juggling, more music jazz and dixieland and just general good stuff. Really great place. WE have seen the sights of old tallin also as it is a heritage listed area and it is once again amazing to walk around a place ssteeped with so much history. I´m overwhelmed at Australiaś youth.

Time to go to bed as last night was very late for me.
Love to all 24 days till I´m back in Oz