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Sally’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009

Location: Villianus, Lithuania

MapHi all,
It's been a little while for this I apologise. Currently I'm in Villianus, Lithuania.
This is a beautiful city with a wonderful and strong culture of family and the arts and religion. However this nation only received its independence from USSR in the 1990's. This has shocked me somewhat as that is in my lifetime and I (in my ignorant way) tend to think of war and freedom from dictatorship and communism as something of history.
Today I went to the genocide victims museum which highlights the partisian wars here and throughout the Baltic States after WW2. I have been blown away by how the independent people of Lithuiania fought for their independence. Also by how they were punished for their resistance. The museum was held in the KGB headquarters here, and so the museum also highlighted the role of the KGB and the attrocities committed by this organisation.

On the good side I went into a beautiful church in the city here which wasn't much from the outside but simply amazing inside. I was fortunate to catch the mass and enjoyed listening to the musician sing his hymns of praise throughout the mass.

I'm ok but very tired and my glands are playing up every couple of days. But only 19 days till I'm home.

Love to all,