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Jungle Boys’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Aug 2009

Location: Canberra, Australia

Map5am - waiting for taxi to take us to airport. We're showered, we're packed, the dogs are fed, the cats are fed, the rabbit is fed. We're ready to get this trip started.

Congrats to Craig's work colleague who figured out our surprise destination!

Next update should be from the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong - hopefully tonight if we're not too buggered from the flight. Can't wait to get there.

9.35am - Sitting in Sydney's First Class Qantas Club lounge (it's a hard life!). We board in about 20 mins. With barely 3 hours sleep between getting to bed after the surprise party last night and the alarm alarmingly warning us to get up, or else, we're pretty tired!! I told Craig over breakfast where we are going. At every check-in and security point I had to tell them not to say our destination out loud. Of course, they all coo'd and fawned over Craig - but the resounding concensus is that he is lucky and I'm a great boyfriend!!! ha ha All true, of course! He's sitting now reading the Lonely Planet guide to Hong Kong and Macau. If not for the nearly 10 hour flight, we'd be even more excited to get there than we are already. More from Hong Kong.