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Jungle Boys’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Aug 2009

Location: Hong Kong

MapDespite, once again, pouring rain this morning, we decided to make the trip to Macau for the day. We've got travelling around the city down pat now, so getting to the ferry terminal was easy. Just a quick tram ride. The trams are cute (see photos). We decided to splruge on the premium jetfoil ticket, which gives you access to the VIP lounge and, apparently, better seating on the boat. It's fair to say the VIP lounge was, well, not overly VIP-ish. It was a waiting oom that wasn't really near the customs entry point and it really didn't have anything in it, either.

Getting through customs was easy and we were quickly on the boat. Only 3 people, including us, sat in the premium sections. But, 50 minuts later, we were in Macau. Finding our way into the city was a huge challengem but eventually we settled on a taxi that dropped us at the ruins of St Paul (see photos).

It was raining very hard but today we decided to take an umbrella. For half the day, we really needed it. We didn't really have a plan for Macau, so we just wandered the streets to see where they took us. It was raining, hot and extremely humid, so we didn't walk with any haste. We visited the A-Ma Temple and then made the very long walk to the Macau Tower. The view from the top of the tower was brilliant. It gave a great view across the river of China's mainland. It's a strange feeling to know you're standing only metres from China itself.

We ate lunch at a restaurant at the tower, called Singing Bean Cafe, a Japanese owned restaurant. Afterwards, a taxi trip to some public gardens on the city, which was cool, then the ferry back to Hong Kong. We decided to just buy the cheaper economy ticket back. Really, it's what we should have bough for the trip over. The seats were comfy and nice.

By the time we arrived back in Hong Kong and made our way through customs again it was nearly 6pm. Earlier in the week we'd notice a tea shop at the bottom of the steps up to the Man Mo Temple and Cat Street markets, so given the ferry port wasn't far away we decided to wander up and see if it was open. It was, and the most refreshing thing about the shop was the shop attendant. She clearly wasn't the owner of the shop, but she didn't hover around us making suggestions about what to buy. She made us some tea while we looked around and answered questions without being pushy. We found some cups and a tea put we liked and we bought them.

Today was our very last full day. Tomorrow night we fly home. We've seen everything we want to see, though, so we're pretty happy to head home and sleep in our own bed.