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Tara’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Aug 2009

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

MapHi Everyone!
Let me start by saying I have never had to take immodium before. Well was I ever thankful for the stuff today!!! Enough said. Today was a great day! We spend a day with a local African woman and her children. We helped do chores, cook lunch and just spend time with them. Her name is Alice and she has two children aged 13 and 7. Her husband passed away from aids and her and her youngest daughter are infected. We spend three hours there and almost two was just preparing supper. She is a very blessed lady and has alot more than many families we are meeting. She has a home made of clay and cement (far nicer than most homes) a cow and two goats. We cooked lunch over an open fire with pots, cut up the food in our hands (onion, carrots, sweet potatoes etc...) as they do not have cutting boards. Some of the group went to fetch firewood and some went to harvest sweet potatoes. A few of us stayed behind to cook and clean. Due to my "tummy issues" it was decided I should stay behind.

Alice's sink consists of a hole in the ground covered by something that resembles straw then a cement mixing bag laid on top to catch the water. You take two pots, one large filled with about an inch of water and another the same. The one pot acts as a sink that you use a bar of soap and a very old sponge and you rinse the dishes in the other pot. She has a makeshift table made of sticks held together with twine. However, when you wash the pots, you use an old peice of a potatoe sack as it acts as an abrasive. If it's really dirty you put dirt or mud into the pot and use that to scrub the food off with. Then you rinse.

They have rooms but sleep on the cement floor. They do have "clean" drinking water which is quite an asset. Also, she has a cow and two goats provided by World Vision (WV). They also helped build her home. Her youngest child was born with what they call "clubbed foot" and she couldn't walk. After entering the sponsorship program with WV, she was taken to receive an operation to fix it. She was there for 6 months and can now walk and is a beautiful little girl. So today, was a great day. Alice cried when we had to say good bye. Some of us did too but it is a great story she has, despite having HIV. She is very blessed with what she has. WV also provides her and Angelique with medication for the disease so they are now healthier and Alice is not in and out of the hospital for months having to leave the girls with neighbours. So no tears today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

As always, I miss you all and can't wait to see you when the time comes to return home. For now, I am enjoying Africa and all it's up's and down's. What a dream come true. It's more than I ever imagined and I thank you Sean so much for your Love and support.
Without you, I wouldn't be here..thank you my wonderful hubby. Also, my family for taking such wonderful care of our babies, also, i wouldn't be here without you. What a dream come true. I only hope everyone gets to experiance something remotly as wonderful once in your lifetime.