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Tara’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Aug 2009

Location: Rwanda

I only have about 5min to write a quick note, we are off to the market for some shopping. it's a day off today so I got to sleep in!! Yesterday, we had child visits and I had the great pleasure of meeting Terese, Yvette and Cederic!! I can't wait to tell you Erica, Paula and Steve and Brenda about your sponsored children. They are all absolutly beautiful children and deserve so much. They received all your gifts and say thank you! I have pictures for you and found out more about them. When I have more time, I'll fill you in! I'm sure your dissapointed I don't have pic's up here but I will try soon to upload some. Trust me, I'm VERY dissapointed I can't put some on here. They are GREAT pic's!!!!

We also visited Nymata Genocide Memorial. Even if I had the time, I cannot yet express the emotion that runs through your body. It's still there, still fresh and still makes me nauseated. Today, we visit another. This one is more like a museum however, there are clips that are played with some survivor's stories. The one yesterday had the bones displayed and the clothing of the victims still laying on the floor and benches.

I think as a human being you need to hear the stories and i will tell them eventually. I will show the pictures and I hope you can stomach it. They now attempt, and some are now friends, to live together, in harmony and leave the past behind. If you have not heard about this period in time where 800,000 to one million were slaughtered (literally) you may want to read up on it.

I am sorry to not be downloading pic's. It takes forever and as I mentioned, there is always a wait for the computer so I don't want to be holding it up. I hope you all are doing well, are happy and healthy! I will touch base again soon and as always, miss you all.

Take good care,
PS...I love the messages, thanks for the Love from afar!!!