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Tara’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Aug 2009

Location: Schiphol, Netherlands

MapHi Everyone!
I am now in Amsterdam and was hoping to catch a city tour on one of the canals and perhaps see Anne Frank's home but...I need sleep. I left the hotel and took a 1.5 hour flight to Kenya and had a 6.5 hour connection there. Then the 8 hour flight here with a 9hour connection and back on for another 8 hours to Vancouver. Sean keeps trying to book me a flight back to the island but you know me....I don't listen very well, it's too expensive! There is a Yotel here that you can book by the hour so I will go get some rest. I can't wait to see the family again and all of you! Thank you again so very much for your messages and checking up on my trip! It was a blast and I can't wait to fill everyone in.

Anyhow, off to catch some zzzzz's and a shower before it's time to head off again!

See you all soon!