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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Oct 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapWell, finally we have arrived. We got to UK yesterday, but this is the first chance we have had to get online.

The flights were OK and ran on time, but they were long and we have been pretty tired!! Passport control grilled Corey - they couldn't believe that he could take 3 months paid leave from work!!! They made sure to check when he was leaving again!!

Today we went to Dartford so Corey could have a look around. We ended up getting him two designer coats from TKMax for bargain prices.

We also drew out some cash and bought a few odds and ends that we needed.

As we went past the Orchard Theatre, I saw Irene, who I used to work with there, so we chatted to her for a few moments.

We both have UK sims now for our phones, so will let people know those via email/Facebook and look forward to seeing some of you soon!!

Tomorrow Kirsty is not at college, so we'll all go to Bluewater shopping mall together. Also in the next few days, Corey and I will think about where we want to go and what we want to see and will make a rough plan of when and how...

Corey has been pleasantly suprised with the warm, sunny, blue-skied weather we had here today!!