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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Oct 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapSo a fun filled couple of days.

Yesterday we went with Kirsty to Bluewater shopping mall. Corey got me a DVD I wanted as an anniversary gift (we have been together 2 years now) and we found him some winter gloves. We also bought some raspberry liqueur from Vom Fass.

In the evening we had traditional fish and chips for dinner.

Today we got up early-ish and Kirsty drove us to Dover Castle. We arrived at 10:30am and stayed for nearly 4 hours. We saw the secret war tunnels, the white cliffs and the castle buildings and exhibitions.

So far the weather has been OK. We've had some blue skies, sun and around 12-15oC. I understand we may get rain and wind next week though.

We have taken some photos, but the fancy high quality SD card, they persuaded me to buy in the shop when I got my new camera, refuses to be recognised in either of the computers here. So in the next few days I must look for a new card reader and/or get a new basic SD card...*grr* Hopefully we can sort something out in the next few days and then we will put up some photos for you all!!! Bear with us - they are coming!!!

Tonight we are going out for a family meal and tomorrow we will have a quiet day as my nan and my uncle are coming over to see us in the afternoon.

My father gave us a voucher for a free night in a hotel near some of the National Trust Properties we wish to visit - so we will phone them in the coming days and book that. We have to go in the next two weeks as some of the properties close after the end of October.

We also plan to go to London for the first time next week...

I am so happy to be able to get prawn cocktail crisps again - ah how I have missed them! We are also eating Jaffa Cakes etc and Kirsty baked us some flapjacks!

We will write more next week and will hopefully we able to post some pics then too!!