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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapToday we took the train to Rochester, where we explored the castle and the cathedral for a couple of hours.

I am still a bit sick but it's mainly just a cough and sore throat now, so should improve soon.

Before going to Rochester, Corey and I also test drove the little car my parents got for us to use while we are here. It's a shock not having power steering again but we'll get used to it. Corey also finds the pedals a bit close together for his feet!!

Corey has already sampled 3 beers here (though not while driving of course!) and we may try to visit a brewery a short drive away if we can organise to get on one of their tours in a few weeks time.

Tomorrow we plan an easy day, with maybe a quick visit to the Thames Barrier, as Thursday we will go to Sevenoaks, visit some National Trust properties and stay the night at the hotel - it was confirmed today...