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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Oct 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapToday we visited Leeds Castle. Kirsty decided to come too in the end, so the three of us set off around 9:45am.

We got there and had a look around the castle and grounds for a couple of hours. We then realised we had missed a few things, but we were already back at the car and decided to leave the other bits for another day - the tickets are valid for entry for one year!

We then drove to Royal Tunbridge Wells and had lunch at the Pantiles before heading home.

Tomorrow we'll have a quiet day and see "Blood Brothers" in the evening while we plan our 4 night road trip.

We will write again next week end when we are back from the road trip and we should have plenty of photos to share then too!