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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapYesterday Harlene couldn't make it due to illness (feel better soon!) and so we ended up sleeping in and having a quiet day at home.

Today though we did go to London and visited Camden then St Pauls - where we walked up over 500 stairs to the viewing Galleries then back down again (phew!)

We then crossed the wobbly bridge to Southwark, got a bite to eat, then looked briefly in the cathedral there before heading home.

We were due to see my friend, Rich, tonight but he had a rehearsal and we have reorganised for the weekend instead.

Tomorrow it is back to London but with matka and papa to see Westminster and maybe one or two other things. Kirsty will meet us late afternoon and then we'll eat and see the evening performance of "Les Miserables".