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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Nov 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapYesterday we went to London with my parents. We got some lunch then visited Westminster Abbey/Whitehall.

From there we took the tube to Hyde Park Corner and looked around Apsley House (where Wellington) lived and Wellington Arch.

Then it was off to Leicester Square to meet up with Kirsty for dinner. She was a bit delayed as her phone battery died and she couldn't reach us, but eventually we all had a nice meal.

After that it was off to the theatre for my favourite musical "Les Miserables" - Corey really enjoyed that one too...

We didn't get to bed till around 1am by the time we returned from London, so this morning Corey and I slept in a bit. We may drive somewhere this afternoon, depending on how we feel after lunch.

In 6 days time we will be in Prague!! We'll hopefully fit in one of two things before then though...We are making good progress on our list of things to do and our money is going OK as well, which is good...

In a few short days we will be half way through our trip already - the time is flying by!!