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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009

Location: Wilmington, England

MapWell - Corey has gone off the snow a little, now he's seen what happens when it freezes and turns to ice!!

On Friday my mother's friend did make it to dinner and we had a pleasant evening, but on Saturday we had an accident...

We planned to walk into town but, barely a quarter of the way there, I slipped on an icy patch on the pavement and went flying. Corey tried to come and help me and he fell too...we have both been pretty bruised and sore the last few days!!!

With the ice, we have been unable to get out much, but Sunday evening we went to a carol service nearby. That was OK, but the choir was not very good...and I had developed a cold and couldn't sing much...

Corey has a sore eye but is otherwise OK and Kirsty is fine, but mother, papa and I all have bad coughs/throats at present - I am on the Lemsip!

Today Corey went to help mother with the last big lot of pre-Xmas shopping and my aunt and uncle may call in this afternoon to exchange presents.

Tomorrow will probably be a quiet day - though the snow is finally melting a bit and the snowmen from Friday are loosing their heads - then Thursday (Xmas Eve) we'll go to see the panto in the early eve...