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Corey and Nicki’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Jan 2010

Location: Wilmington, England

MapWell - it's been a while since we last wrote I see - time for an update!

Christmas was good - we spent Xmas day here. We opened our gifts in the morning and my nan and uncle came midday when we had our big traditional Xmas meal. Then 3 more aunts and uncles came for tea late afternoon/evening and we played some games and watched some TV.

Boxing Day we had a lazy start then went to my nan's house for tea afternoon/evening.

Corey and I both got some nice gifts and ate too much - after the Xmas dinner, Corey said he'd never eaten so much in one go before!!!

I forgot to say earlier that on Xmas Eve we went to the theatre to the panto - Corey's first panto - which he enjoyed!!

We then had a quiet day but on 28th we went to London and saw an excellent production of "La Boheme" at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

We spent New Year's fairly quietly and stayed home with my parents on the night itself. We had a few drinks and played some card games then watched the fireworks at midnight on TV.

Last night we had our engagement party. We had a nice time and the evening flew by. About 40 or so in the end but a few no-shows who said they were coming but didn't, which was disappointing but never mind...We got some money and a few other nice gifts...

We'll pop a few pictures from Xmas and the party up here now...

We hope to get to London once or twice more together, but we'll be busy at least 3 days this week sorting out my things for shipping!

Only 8 days left now and then we are heading home - it has gone so fast!!!