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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapWell I can't promise i'll keep up on this but I suppose I'll start. I've been in Beijing for a week and a half now and it feels like its been months. This past week was the first week of language classes. The language is a bitch to learn but I'm getting the hang of it. This week we start our other classes, which I will have three. Only Colin, Mike and I are taking four classes, everyone else is doing three, so we will be swimming in homework but it should be worth it. Its Winnie's twenty-fist (er shi yi) birthday on Monday so we have gone out thur, fri, and will tonight. Last night was pretty chill. I finally got to a club. It was interesting. Guy to girl ratio was prolly 10-1, no joke. They play mostly western r&b and hip-hop which is nice. Smoking is allowed anywhere and everywhere here so peeps were dancing and lighting up...thats a culture shock coming from Maine. Regardless I had fun. Yesterday we also did a lot of shopping, well I did, and actually everyone that went did as well. The market we went to was f--kin enormous. Its all private vendors, mostly knock-offs or stolen merch so you can haggle for prices. Colin and I got some nasty NB sneakers for $40, which go for $120 in the states. We got some Ray Bans for like $3 each. I got some t's and some other stuff, maybe spent $100 USD total. Crazy ish. We were suppose to do a scavenger hunt today which would have lead us to the Summer Palace but the weather sucks this weekend so we are going to do that next weekend.

Colin and I went and got our breakfast this morning. We get it everyday, its a pancake looking thing with an egg inside it. then the women puts some sauce on it, adds some lettuce and a hot dog...mmmmmhhhhmmmmm. Then we always go to the market and grab some fruit. I get these huge Asian pears (li). They are extremely juicy and delicious. I'm about to go to the gym, go for a swim, then do some pt and lift. So xie jian for now.