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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo yesterday Colin and I went back to the market. I got a couple pairs of jeans and a new t to go with my new kicks. After that Winnie came over and us three ordered Korean food and started to watch Tropic Thunder. Once we finished eating Colin, Steve, Amanda, Mike, Tom, Kaitlin and I went to Lush and met up with Gua Lao Shi for happy hour at 9. Everyone else showed up around 930-945. Lush is a pretty chill place, we all got pretty tanked. Once happy hour was over we headed to Propaganda for another club night. I don't think I left till 2-230. It was a sick night. This morning sucked but the smog lifted due to the rain last night so the city is pretty clear today. I can see the mountains from my room and any day I can see the mountains is a good day. Colin and I went to the Muslim restaurant for lunch then came back to the room and finished Tropic Thunder. Other than that it has been a pretty lazy day of doing nothing. I gatta get on some homework here real soon. Classes resume tomorrow and we start our other classes. I will have language from 9-12 then Sociology from 1-2. I have a meeting with my language partner at 7 as well so a pretty filled day. So until next time, xie jian.