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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo today was the first day of our other classes. I had language from 9-12 and then sociology from 2-5. sociology is required but it seems like it will be an awesome class...well for me anyways cuz it covers things right up my ally. its been a long day tho. after class colin, tom, mike and i hit up the gym for an hour or so. Colin and I had to meet our language partners at 7 so we had to cut our workout short. Colin wrestles so I was gunna roll with him a lil but we ran outta time. i ran today for the first time since surgery. just 5 min on and off so not much but i didn't have any problems. i will continue to do pt and increase running until i can go without stopping or walking. it will take a few weeks but i'll get there. after meeting with our partners we went to dinner with them and just got back a few min ago. i have a lot of homework to still do so i'll cut this one short. I have language again tomorrow, just like everyday, then I have a chinese film course from 2-5. so zai jian!