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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapToday was a good day. The women Colin and I go get food from was gone for the 3rd day in a row so we are thinking she moved locations. We might start a city wide search for her cuz the thing she makes is amazing. Also for the 3rd day in a row we woke Tom up to come with us to try this thing but she hasn't been there so its kinda sucked. BUT...Colin and I decided to try thing other random thing in some random market and it turned out to be just as amazing, and they will always be there cuz its apart of a market. It was great, and I got a pear (li) and a pomegranate (shi liu, i think). I had an hour with my language partner last night and did some intense language study on my own so class wasn't as difficult as it has been, but it was still pretty hard for me. For those of you who know me well you know my memory isn't the greatest and sometimes it takes me a while to register things through my amazing brain, so trying to learn this chinese shit is real tuff. The teacher (lao shi) will just ramble things off and I can understand some or all of the vocab she is using but I can't put it together that fast or at all, since the sentence structure is much like spanish and not at all like english. Take Ni hao (hi), ni means you, hao means good. So literally i'm saying you good, but it translates to hi. So try that will a whole bunch of words and then but them together into a coherent sentence. My brain doesn't work like that. So even though I know a lot of vocab my problem is piecing them all together to get the right sentence. But after class Colin and I went and got dumplings (jiazi) and then went and played some ping pong in a lil park outside our dorm for an hour or so. After that I took a nap, studied, went the gym where I did some swimming and then some light lifting, and now i'm typing this. I'm starving but Colin doesn't get outta class till 7 so i'm waiting for him to get out so we can go grab something together. I'll hit the studying some more here in a second. I don't have language tomorrow but I do have Economics from 2-5. Friday we have a test in language so it will be straight to hittin the books after that class until I meet with my language partner at 7. So zai jian till next time.