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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapWell yesterday was quite the day. After a long night out we all had to wake up early for a day long scavenger hunt around Beijing. We got split up into four teams of four and had a list of things to find or find out. This would conclude by all the teams meeting up at the Summer Palace to see who the winner would be. Basically only two teams actually did anything which was Colin's team and then my team. His won, we took second. The day was a drag tho just because we all were extremely tired, it was hot as hell out, and we had to walk for 6+ hours. It was worth it in the end tho to see the Summer Palace. That place is beyond gorgeous. Hopefully by the time any of you read this i'll have pics up. Colin and I are going to go back at some point and do a nice long day hike around the entire lake. It will be some nice backpacking/hiking trip. After the Summer Palace we all went out and Han Bing bought us dinner. I was very tired by the end so I didn't go out, just chilled out for a while until I passed out. Today is a great day. Its bright, sunny, hot, and most of all, clear. Colin is out doing some homework his class has to do so i'll prolly work on some of mine until he gets back and then see what he wants to do.

Zai jian!