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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapIt's been a few days but finally the school week is just about over. I have my economics class in an hour but language and the other stuff is over with!! tomorrow we are suppose to go to the u-center, a giant mall near our campus and practice what we learned in language class this week with real peeps. basic introduction stuff. then i'm pretty sure we are all gunna take a trip over to the silk market. its the largest street vendor mall in beijing. 4 of my shirts got ruined in the wash this week so i need to buy some new ones. i think we are getting business cards made and maybe even get a tailored made suit. on saturday we are taking a bike tour of the olympic park so make sure to come check out the pics. we are going into the water cube too. should be sweet. the last few days have basically been: wake up, study, go to class, get lunch, study, go to class, get dinner, study, watch a few episodes of how i met your mother while studying, then bed.... yup thats about it. so nothing fun to report on. but i gatta get going to class. zai jian