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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009

Location: China

MapSorry for the long delay again. Life has been pretty hectic around here. Classes are kicking my ass big time, well language in particular. I have recently tried i different approach to studying, which includes lots more studying as well as a different type of studying because my old way wasn't working. i'm still not able to memorize all the vocab i'm suppose to know but i'm getting better. I'm also able to now remember dialogs which i was never able to do. its tough shit though, "this is hard work, real hard work. I mean, its just hard." beyond that class the other classes are easier i suppose but there is a lot of reading for all of them. i usually just try to read as much as i can. the classes are 2-5, after our 9-12 language class, so if i don't read then i get bored which makes me wanna sleep. so for the sake of staying awake i do the reading. weird i know. today i just have language though. i have calligraphy class tonight for an hour and a half but thats it. yesterday i had language, then for sociology we went on a field trip to walmart and ikea. i'm too lazy to explain why we went but they are legit reasons related to chinese sociology. after that i went to the gym for a solid 20 min. i just ran the entire time. feels nice to be able to run like that again. the reason i only went for 20 min is because we got back from the field trip a lil after 5, and we had kung fu class at 6. so by the time i got up to my room, changed, and got to the gym i had a lil over 20 min to run. kung fu class was interesting. i'm not a huge believer in kung fu, do to its impracticality. being someone who has studied martial arts for 17 years its hard for me to take kung fu as a fighting style seriously. i mean don't get me wrong, these guys could prolly f--k me up, but i'm pretty confident in my abilities to hang in. which might not seem like a lot but our teacher is a Shaolin monk, suppose to be the best in the world at kung fu. so they are fast and strong which is enough, no matter the style of fighting. but take last night for example, and even last week. what we learned would work great...if you were fighting a drunk retard. i don't think any of it would work on a trained professional. like last nights move, looked cool, was cool, i mean its kung fu, but was completely reliant on your opponent to swing a looping right hand to the head. so all the while i was doing this move i'm thinking to myself, "this is dumb, i'd just kick him." but thats just me. also, kung fu has no type of fighting on the ground, so ultimately i'd just take my opponent to the ground and then his kung fu would be useless. but i'm not doing it to actually learn to fight i'm doing it to immerse myself in the culture. after kung fu i hit the books for a while, watched himym, then passed out.

oh before i forget. the other night was a blast. alcohol may or may not have been involved. but we started the night outside cuz for some strange reason its still hot like summer here. even beijinger's are surprised. while outside, since it is an international dorm, we ended up meeting a bunch of people from all over the place. then it started to rain so we all ran for cover under the big thingy in front of the entrance to the lobby. while under there we met some more kids and eventually all decided to go sing karaoke. so about 12 of us, some Europeans, and a bunch of Koreans all walked to wodaoku to a karaoke place. we were there till 2 am, then a bunch of us went to a western bar called lush where they serve 15 yuan burgers and fries from 2-4am. that is $2 usd. yea, thats whats up. all i know is that i brought my camera, recorded a lot of video, and sang bohemian rhapsody with brandan. i haven't looked at the videos yet and i have had multiple requests to delete them all now. but you all know me, i'd never give up a free chance to make in fun of someone. on this site i actually purchased the video aspect which allows me to upload videos i'v taken but they failed to mention until after i purchased it that videos had to be less than 2mb. so while i do have some under that, most are not. and its pointless to just put up the random 3-4 videos i have that i could post. i've been trying my hardest to keep a video diary of sorts so what i do have is in chronological order. but the moral of the story is the other night was legend...wait for it....wait some more...DARY!! yea whats up, internet high five...sorry i've been watching way too much himym. well i think that does it for now. i think i'v caught you all up on whats been going on. i'll try to not go so long in between posts so that i leave you with huge ones like this but school work comes first. peace out, zaijian!