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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo this week has been interesting. Its been dominated by ups and downs. Lets start with class. I came into the week feeling somewhat decent about. I studied a lot over the weekend and was fully prepared for Monday's class. Monday's class comes and then I feel like a reject again, I know, what's new. Then Tuesday I have a somewhat decent day in class...for the first 30 min. Then it all goes downhill to the point where I kinda flip out a lil in class, but for good reason, sorta. The teacher does this section of class where she just asks us questions in Chinese and we have to answer in Chinese. So we are reading these dialogs and she is asking us to answer them, and tells us to change the names in the book with names in the class. So its now my turn to go and I just want to clarify that I'm changing the word lao shi (teacher), to my teachers name. She says no, just answer the question. So I start to answer and I say lao shi instead of gua lao shi, which is our teachers title. She says i'm wrong and need to say it again, without telling me what was wrong. So I do it again two more times and she keeps telling me i'm doing it wrong. So then the whole class decides to talk at once and tell me what I am doing wrong, none of it being right. So I am trying to listen to the teacher, have 4 other "teachers" telling me what to do, until my teacher tells me that I need to say her name instead of the name in the original question which she told me not to do. So I kinda flip out. Ya sure it was prolly just a miscommunication, but it was one giant, annoying mistake that drove me up the wall. So that night I have a sort of breakthrough with recognizing some of the characters I was having a hard time remembering. So my pile of vocab that I could not remember went from about 30-40, to 15-20. I was pumped...until class today, where I once again realized how much of a tard I am. I literally sat through most of todays class having no clue what was going on. Everything was flying way way way over my head. Ugh. We also have a test on Friday which will go over last week and this week. Should be interesting, I hope I can pull of another bull shit performance like last time.

So onto my other topic, some of you know about the financial situation i'm in, for the rest just know that i'm sorta f--ked. I talked to the director of the program I am with on Saturday about my situation, and then we met again yesterday for a while. After pulling some strings and getting me in contact with a few people I pulled a job interview. I just got back in a lil bit. They were ecstatic that I showed up. They hired me on the spot with a guarantee of how ever many hours I want. What they pay is nothing in American terms but pretty damn good here. All of it is under the table of course because i'm here on a student visa but he told me most of the people teaching are in the same situation. So get this, and those of you who know me best will prolly laugh your asses off... I'll be teaching English. Ya, soak that The guy who has used the lil dictionary thing for about 7 or 8 words just in this entry alone. Apparently all you have to be is native to an English speaking country and you are good enough to teach. The first question was, "Can you teach the English portion of the SAT's?" I say, "UHH, I don't know." He says, "Did you take the SAT's?" I say, "Yes." He says, "Great, good enough." But ya, this will help me in the sort term of every day expenses. It is not a long term solution to my problems though. But it at least secures my ability to stay here this semester.

Well that's about it for now. I plan on studying as much as possible for the next few days so that I can do decent on Friday's test. Talk to you all then, zaijian!