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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Sep 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo lots to talk about, sort of, not really. Saturday was a great day. Colin, a few others, and I took a trip outside of Beijing proper for what was suppose to be a hike in the mountains. We did do some hiking but not in the mountains like we originally planned on. When we got to the preserve we ended up finding out that there was a Buddhist Temple there called the Clouds Temple. It was called this cuz the temple complex stretched up in to the mountain a little bit, then the main temple was on top of the lil mountain. There where huge statues of Warriors and Buddhas. There was this one temple that housed rows upon rows of statues in the images of famous Buddhist monks. I got most things on video and a few pictures because you were not allowed to take pictures. I got some good ones tho. I'm having some difficulties with my camera at the moment, which i hope don't last long, but i'll post them up when i get a chance. So that day was nice, we were going to go a lift that would take us all the way up the entire mountain, which would have been quite the sight to see, but by the time we had finished looking at the temple the lift was closed. its ok though cuz the smog was terrible that day so it would be nicer to go back on a clearer day. Sunday involved a lot of homework. In out sociology and economics classes we have to do what we call discussion papers on two topics of our choosing. Well i want to get mine outta the way and todays topic in sociology was interesting to me so I was the first person to write on of these up. part of the discussion papers is that you have to present to the class your reactions to the topic and the readings and to sort of guide the class discussions. So I did this today, it was fun. Not bad at all. The only problem is that that class in itself is very boring and very long, so by the time I got around to present everyone was basically asleep, including myself. But alls good. I will do the topic for out next class too, that way all be all done with sociology for the most part. I'll just have to show up to get an A. The final i'm not worried about, i'm pretty well versed in all the areas we are going to cover with some small exceptions, but i'll make sure to study on those ones. Thursday we are going on our Sichuan trip!! I'm pumped. i sort of need a few things for it but have no money so i'll have to make do without but besides that i can't wait! I'll make sure tomorrow or Wednesday to fill you all in with the exact details of what we will be doing, its going to be quite the trip though. I'll catch you all later though, zaijian.

oh p.s. Colin and I just signed up for Beijing's first foreign Waterpolo team. We play Shanghai in November!!