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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Oct 2009

Location: Chungdu, Sichuan, China

Maphey everyone!! I
off in chungdu at the moment, the capital of Sichuan and china's 3rd largest city with over 12 million peeps. it's pouring buckets at the moment which isn't new here. I guess it rains something like 280 days of the year. we arrived here on Thursday and it was really nice. that night we just stayed in chungdu and relaxed. walked a round a bit, had some Sichuan grub. Friday we had to get up early and we headed to the location of the huge earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands. the main city, wenchuan, lost 63,000 people and destoryed the entire city. after seeing this place it was easy to tell why so many people died and why everything was destroyed. the town in located in the mountains, right alongside the river. so rocks and boulders from the mountains just wiped everything from it's path. I have lots of photos of it all that I'll post when I get back to Beijing. we then went to one of dozens of shelters that the survivors live in now. it was horrible. just horrible. the living conditions were not a nice sight to see, but the people were so joyful and full of hope. it was powerful shit. after that we drove to dujiangyan, which is where the worlds first and oldest irrigation system is. we stayed there overnight and then went to see the dam today. it started to rain a little there but good ol Colin and I were back at our exploring. we saw some cool stuff that no one else did, of course. then we all went to a daoist temple in qingcheng. we hiked a ways up the mountian to this lake problably a forth a way up the mountain. there we were going to take a ferry accross the lake to a ski lift thing that was going to take us almost to the top of the mountain, were we would have hiked the rest of the way to the big temples....but it descided to rain buckets so they closed it all down literally right as we got there. huge bummer. I was really looking forward to getting some hiking in. but I did buy some candles/inscents/ and wishing paper and preformed a traditional prayer thingy (or at least I tried). it was something just me and two other kids from the shanghai programe did. we r positive we did it wrong cuz a crowed of Chinese people gathered around us and were laughing and taking pictures but it was all worth it. we are now in chungdu for tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we r going to huang long xi, an ancient water town, and then going to see a traditional Sichuan opera!! I'm super pumped about that. on Monday we will fly to Jiu zhao gou, and then tuesday explore jiu zhao gou national park! suppose to be the nicest place in china and one of the top scenic sights in the world. Thursday we r going to have a traditional Tibetan lunch in a Tibetan village and the. fly back to chungdu. Friday we are going to visit the Sichuan panda reserve base, or a panda zoo for short, followed by some souvenir shopping in traditional ethinic minority shopping districts. then fly back to beijing on Saturday. so there is my trip in a nutshell. I will try to get online where and when I can to update on day to day activity, for u and for me so that I don't lose any memory of my experiences. oh I should prolly mention that the programe I'm apart of has differnt programes, one being in shanghai, and those kids are here with us on this trip. kinda kool, there r a few kool peeps. I've been trying to mingle (i know, I'm talking to people omg!!) but most of the kids in both groups are pretty much sticking to themselves. I'm trying to organize a night out tonight with everyone...we'll see how it goes. but I'll try and update soon, until then zaijian!