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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Oct 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapHey all, sorry its been a little bit. its been hectic getting back in the swing of things, plus i got really sick this week. Mostly all of my crew got sick over the vacation except Collin, a couple girls, and I. But I came down with it hard on Sunday, Monday, and was completely out on Tuesday. I'm still giving the occasional cough and nose blow but i'm good in most respects. So being really sick, trying to study Chinese, having my other three was a bit much. Plus Monday i wrote my last reaction paper for sociology. i didn't have to present because we had a guest speaker there to teach that class because he was an expert in that field. it was really interesting listening to him present. i learned a lot and the topics were ethnic minorities in china, and language in china, which are two topics i'm interested in. so besides our big capstone project due at the end of the semester i am done with that class. all i have to do is show up. then Tuesday i was sick as a dog and didn't go to language class. but i do something weird when i am sick and that is that i go work out. it always helps me. it sucks and i feel like shit doing it but it always helps me in the end. then Wednesday Colin and i went and worked out together. i did lowers, mostly PT stuff. then Colin and i did a burn out. its where you put a whole bunch of weight on the bar, but instead of putting the heaviest weights on the bar first, you put them on smallest to largest. then you proceed with lifting, but you lift until you can't do any more. then you put the bar down, your partner quickly pulls off the heaviest weight, then you go again. and again, and again, until you are just down to the bar. but at that point you are so tired and sore you can barely do the bar. its intense and i'm still sore today from it. but thats ok, i got him back on Thursday. but sticking to Wednesday, we had our first film class since the intro class the first week. there have been a few field trips and then the other times the teacher has been outta the country so we haven't had class until this week. it was great tho, i'm really going to like the class. we watch a movie every class that ties to a specific subject we are discussing. then we just have to write a two page response, but thats not tuff to do. ok so Thursday I had language meeting, then econ class but i told Colin to meet me at the track on campus at 5, when i got out of my class. i was introducing him to the world of Crossfits. its really f--king intense work outs that work the entire body until it is dead, without a lot of weights and stuff. its designed to be used with what you have. so in this particular one i designed i broke it up into two parts. the first part one person would run the track while the other one did 5 push ups, 5 sit ups, 5 squats, and 5 sky reacher's (where you jump up and land into a squat). i call this the gauntlet. you would do the gauntlet as many times as you can until the person running gets back, tags you, and then the roles reverse. the second lap you would wall sit while your partner ran, the third lap we did bicycle kicks for your abs, then the fourth we did the gauntlet again. so you run a mile, do a bunch of stuff, and push yourself cuz your partner is relying on you to run as fast as you can so they don't have to suffer as much. after that round we cooled down with 25 throw downs for your abs. the second round we did times runs, were anything over 1min30sec you had to add up the seconds and do a wall sit for that amount of time. the first round we did wall sits, the second, push ups, the third crunches with a 3sec hold at the top, then the last was the gauntlet. then our wall sits as punishment followed directly by 25 more throw downs. Colin just about puked but held it in. I was suffering pretty bad. keep in mind we were both extremely sore from head to toe from the workout we had the day before.
so since we went on the trip to sichuan we had to do a group presentation all in chinese yesterday (Friday). it was cool, i basically only had three lines since my other three group members were all pros. then i had my job interview with the voice recording place some of you know about. i went in and read some stuff and the guy recorded me, it was like a radio show set up. then he played it all back. he said he loved my voice. i had perfect tone, perfect projection, and great pronunciation. he said he would call me next week, so i hope he does, this place has lots of work opportunities and pays well.
but i gatta get going, we are going on a field trip in 5 min and i gatta go back to my room and get dressed and eat. i'll fill you all in on that later. Zaijian!