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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Oct 2009

Location: Beijing

MapSo I just finished my language midterm. wasn't bad at all, but the test didn't really test your abilities in chinese what so ever. the entire test was multiple choice, so all you had to do was find the right characters that matched up with the question. of course you have to have some understanding in what characters are what, but even if you didn't know them all, like me, you could still figure it out. and we didn't have to memorize any characters or write any which is bogus. its bogus because in any shape and form i should have failed this test. i am no where near the level i should be at, but this test was soo easy my dog have passed it. i mean granted, i prolly got a b so not perfect but still way too easy. then yesterday i had my econ midterm. that was easy as hell too, but because its more poly sci/history then econ. well its the history of chinese econ and its implications on the international scene. but ya that was easy. so now i'm on vaca for another week. colin and i are going to do some hiking around beijing and on the great wall, but not the touristy parts, the ancient parts that no one goes on. but i'll keep you all updated on where i go and when i go. in the mean time i'll work on getting the rest of my pics up. OH!! someone told me the videos are not working, if that a problem for anyone else? let me know so i can try and find out the issue. if they work i'll post a lot more. i just have to reconfigure most of them because they are too big so i don't want to go through all that just to find out no one can view them. but i think i'll post up some pics now, wait till colin is done with his midterm, go swim then do a cross fits workout. maybe go out tonight since mostly everyone is leaving tomorrow for their vacations. zaijian!