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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing

MapWell lets see, what's new wit me ?? Well let's start with the most exciting thing in Andre's world at the moment...IT SNOWED HERE YESTERDAY!!!!!! I think I was the only one in Beijing to share my sentiment but screw them, I was excited. Good ol' Maine/Minnesota kid here, don't forget. Its 31 degrees here with a windshield in the teens and i'm walking around sweating in a hoody while all these tiny, no muscle or fat Chinese peeps are wearing parkas. I just laugh at em. It seriously was the prettiest sight when I looked out the window and saw the snow. Beijing definitely has its moments where it can be the nicest looking city. I'll post pics soon, as soon as I get all the other ones up. And ya sorry about the delay. I tried to do it but the connection I get in some of these coffee shops isn't always the greatest. Plus my vaca went really fast and before I knew it it was today and classes started back up. But thats my short lil news for the time being. Just back to my normal grind, as in grinding Chinese language into my brain. I switched up the method in which I study characters and its helped so far, but its a give and take game. It takes me longer to study them, meaning I don't get to all the words I should get to, but I am retaining the ones I do a lot better then before. So for me I'd rather retain a few then not remember any. Too bad my teachers don't understand that, but the hell with them I say. I gatta do what's good for me and learn the way that best suits my needs. If I did it the way they wanted, which I tried, it doesn't work. So way keep doing something that doesn't work? Oh ya and that midterm I said I thought I did pretty good on and thought it was a waste of time cuz it didn't test me on my abilities?? Well I still feel that way about the test, I should have done way worst then I did, but I got a 68. Again, better then I had thought I was going to get. But yea, I need to get going so that I can squeeze in a few more minutes of studying before I crash. Zaijian!