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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapWell today was one of those days where I kinda just crept on by. First off I went to bed really late last night cuz I was up doing homework all night, and still didn't finish it all. Then I got up for class, tried to do some more of my homework before class. It was a shitty day outside today as well. It was kinda sleeting for a good while until it turned to snow for an hour. After that it stopped altogether and was just kind of misty for the rest of the day. It was pretty cold as well, the first day I have actually thought it was cold. Not only was it in the low thirty's but slight windshield and then just damp. Class was ok. I got through it. I think the teacher just knows I don't know anything cuz she skips over me quite a bit now. That's fine with me though cuz i'm not learning it by having her yell the answer at me. We started language pledges last Monday, which means we can't speak English between 9-2, unless we don't know how to say something, which are then suppose to find out how to say it in Chinese. But this isn't very practical for most people. I mean most people cheat but for the most part we try to speak in Chinese. Its hard for me cuz I suck at Chinese but I manage. So a bunch of us went out to eat together today for lunch and that's basically all we spoke. I just sat there for pretty much the whole meal. After lunch I had Econ. That class I always look forward too but since I was so tired it was rough, especially the first half. I managed through it though. It helped that to me we were learning some interesting stuff. What I mean by that is we learned about China's Foreign Direct Investments, Outward Bound Foreign Direct Investments, China's financial system, China's currency policy, and the global financial crisis as it affects the US and China trade relations... now WAKE UP!! I know some of you fell asleep reading that but thats why I said it was interesting stuff to me. But I am going to do some homework then go to spinning class at 7:30. I have had a lot of stress lately, which is a combination of diet, lack of sleep, lack of working out, and struggling with language. So starting today I am going to knock two of those things out of the picture. I am going to force myself to go to the gym everyday, even if its only for half an hour, and i'm going to start trying to eat better. I say trying because there isn't much here that is healthy for you, so I am going to eat the things that are healthier for fruit, yogurt, cereal for breakfast instead of the street vendor foods. Fruit for lunch, or if i'm out something not that bad for you, like maybe simple chicken/veggies over rice. then dinner will have to just be something not totally rotten for you. Most of the dishes here in China have heavy amounts of Salt and MSG in them. There are some that have less than others so i'll try to stick to those. But that's all for now. Zaijian.